Monday, 3 January 2011


At last and thanks to some great advice from a member of the Craftbubble forum (Kathy K) I have managed to insert my bog link into my signatures.  I also intend to follow Babyfreckles advice and try to get involved in some challenges.
First challenge today is to upload the photo of Lacey's card.   I could really do with investing some quality time with niece number one who will I am sure be able to get this looking a little more interesting.  Anyway, the card:
Phew, it worked.  I used Dovecraft paper, Sissix Hello Kitty embosslit, Card candy and some foamy flowers I bought in one of the pound shops a while ago.  Very touchy feely.
Feeing a little pleased with my progress today (simple things...they say).   Am now going to link to some blogs to follow including some of the Craftbubble forum members and my faves: Paula Pascual and Bev Rochester
Catcha later

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