Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Carnation ribbons

Or should that be ribbon carnations.  I must admit I bought them with a view to working out whether I could make them.  It seems to be an emerging trend to have quite dense ribbon blooms on cards at the moment and not just paper ones.  So I used some freebies from one of the mags: think it was the lovely Quick cards....and it was quite simple.  I knotted some satin ribbon and put the carnations in between the knots, and associated them with an oriental design as carnations are popular in all sorts of oriental art work. It's very basic, but sometimes it's nice to do a quick and easy.  I think the nieces would like it.
Got a new follower today: so pleased to have you following Hyper Ni.  I emailed you but this is just a more public thank you.
I am going to use this in the Ribbon Girl challenge, even though the other entries seem a little more complicated and sophisticated ,Hey Ho!
Catcha later

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  1. This is sweet :) Thanks for joining in with the Ribbon Girl colour challenge