Saturday, 15 January 2011


I was having a conversation with my friend yesterday about cards and whether simple is better.  I do have a tendency I must admit to want plenty of embellishment on my cards, and I think it's reflected in the cutsie trend at the mo: the one with the cute stamp plus pretty paper plus ribbon plus flowers plus a charm and a sentiment.  I admit, I love to see and make these pretty cards,there are some absolute stuuners (people put so much effort into them and they become such keepsakes. On reflection I don't think it's about simple versus detailed, it's more about what you like and what people like to receive, I think for me it's being able to make a card for a person tailored to them, that's what floats my boat as it were, and otherwise for more general cards I like to have a go at techniques whilst bearing in mind, what's hot at the moment.
So this one is a little OTT, I messed with it, changed it, added stuff, took stuff off, but I wanted uber girlie.
It's a Tilda stamp (secretive Tilda) with a mouth drawn in!.  Magnolia rose paper, and a magnolia rose made from a Paper Artsy grunge flower die, black magic core card, embossed, MIC roses and a Paula Pascual sentiment.  Tilda was Promarkered.  It is rather OTT but i thought for a Mam from a child it would me quite sweet.  The rose is a bit dimensional so I will have to make a box.  It's Saturday night, have a nice tagine on the go and a bottle of wine opened, this will help me enjoy the poor offerings on the TV.
Did see Sheana's show on C and C, the stamps are on my list, especially Busy doing nothing but no more pocket money this month.  Oh and I got my Hougie, so looking froward to some crafty play.
Catcha later

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