Sunday, 3 April 2011

A breakthrough

No cards today, or even this week.  I actually had to get down to business and make some cards.  Had orders for 2 Mothers day and 3 Easter.  It was also niece number 1's birthday on Monday so I did this.

I made a horrendous mess in the kitchen but really enjoyed a bit of baking, and testing the cakes as I went along.  She was pleased with them and they went with the pink wall hanging I also made for her.  Anyway: the breakthrough: my brother's ex and niece number 3's Mam has offered to sell some of my cards in her little cafe.  She focuses on home made foods for the community and has offered to display some cards to sell on my behalf.  No profit obviously as we crafters do spend more on stash than we'll ever make by selling, but I am so pleased.  It'll fund some of my charity cards too. She also offered to display my cupcakes and take orders but I'd have to do a food hygiene certificate and I wouldn't have time to keep making them.  Still for me it's all about handmade and the importance of skills like this so I'm feeling a sense of victory for the small amateur crafters out there! I've been doing some blog hopping on Do crafts this morning.  I think I am a bit too late for my blog to be considered but I enjoyed looking at the fabulous inspirational blogs out there.
Finally: to those of you who don't  have Mum's: a happy memory filled day to you.
Catcha later


  1. yummy cakes,good luck on the future sales of your cards. sue xx

  2. OOOO those cakes look scrumptious mmmm lol. Congratz on having your cards on sale and hope it all goes well with it for you.
    Hugs Jacqui xxxxx

  3. Ooh lovely cakes! Well done with selling some cards, I hope you do really well :-) Elaine (sparklingblackrose on docrafts) -xxx-

  4. they look yummy Kathryn and well done for getting your cards out there you must be so chuffed don't forget the new challenge on COTN it's an easy one this month enjoy your memories
    Jacki xx

  5. Yummy cakes! Good luck selling your cards, you should ahve no problem x leap Blogging from DC x

  6. Yummy!!! What lovely cakes. I am making over 100 cupcakes for my daughters 18th party at the begining of July. Ive never decorated cupcakes before but i am loking forward to doing them

    Kate xxx

  7. mmmmmm.....cupcakes!!...They look yummy!!
    hugs and xxx