Sunday, 10 April 2011

There but for the grace of God...

My blog clock isn't right, it's 5.35 on Monday morning and it doesn't take a genius to work out that this blogger couldn't sleep.  I can usually sleep for England but it was a strange day yesterday.  I am also a craft blogger, I don't use this as a way of purging my thoughts or feelings as such and keep personal facts very basic.  I admit I don't really understand why people find it an outlet, but today I think I do .  Yesterday was a glorious day, it was so warm and sunny, me and the OH decided to go out somewhere, wander, go for a drink etc. We mumbled on about the garden, interactions with people, normal stuff when my hub got a call from a friend to say another friend's daughter (28 yrs old and recently married) had been diagnosed with cancer and it is advanced.  She is starting the battle of all battles and all day we thought about her nad her family, these lovely people who don't deserve this.  Still we enjoyed our day in the sun and it was tinged with releif that we are OK.  I just felt how important it is to enjoy even the briefest of moments with loved ones and appreciate even the smallest things.  So this morning I was awake, because the bird who sings very loudly and has been provoking me into buying a catapult, was giving it full lungs at 4.45 and my husband was going to shut the window, but I thought I'd listen to it insead, how beautiful it is and how it heralds the end of a long night for some people and a new day, they might just relish.
Anyway, this leads me back to crafting.  The first card is for Less is more and is all about the sentiment.  It's made from Squiggly ink stamps from Paper Artsy and it does mean something, in the light of yesterday.Watercoloured instead of Promarkering as I wanted it to look naive and not too elegant.

And this one is for the Secret crafter Saturday challenge: feathered friends (very apt this morning)  It's Edwardian Lady paper and rub ons and it's a small very plain design ( very American, they don't seem to go ott but go with basic class design.  I didn't want anything too frilly or cute for this one.

Anyway, I'm going to have a cuppa.
To all of you out there who are facing a battle or are concerned about loved ones, I truly thought about you today as the sun comes up, even thought I don't know you.
I am getting soft: catcha later


  1. I too am up before the birds, feeling sorry for myself with this raging to the dentist at 9
    Super card, love the placement of the sentiment, works great
    Thank you Kat
    Less is More

  2. Sending hugs and thoughts for you and your friends, life can be very cruel.
    Both lovely cards xx Jan

  3. A great LIM card and a thought provoking post.

  4. Lovely card and sentiment xx

  5. Lovely LIM card .... and how true your comments are. Have a lovely day whatever you're doing.

  6. Fabulous job on the cards...and your blog post is so true. Life does give us some twists and turns...and rarely are we ready for them..enjoy each moment!

  7. i know from first hand how life can be so cruel. I also don't post any personal information and use my blogs for crafting purposes only. I am glad you felt able to say out loud what your heart obviously feels. It is so VERY important to make the most of every moment of every day and enjoy each and every breath... Thoughts are with you and your friends:-)

    Both cards are beautiful especially the Paper Artsy birds and sentiment. Enjoy every moment:-)

  8. Love the card.The birds are just fab!

  9. Great post... it often does good to share things with others.
    Super card and all good wishes for your friends.
    "Less is More"

  10. Spookily, I was going to use the paperartsy set for my card this week too. It's such a wonderful sentiment isn't it. I love the pastel colours of the birds too. Well done. Lx

  11. Beautiful card and sentiment! :) Tks for sharing your thoughts. Makes us young guns, so to say, learn a few things about life! :)

  12. Such a lovely post and so true.
    Love the birdie card too.
    Jenny x

  13. The pastel colours on your birds are great and allow the sentiment to jump out more.

  14. Love your card Kath it seems appropriate for those dawn chrous mornings...

    Babs x

  15. YOur cards are lovely and I particularly love the LIM one, the soft colouring is perfect for the sentiment and image.
    Diane x

  16. Fabby card

    Thanks for joining "Our feathered friends" challenge on SECRET CRAFTER SATURDAY CHALLENGE :)

    Hugs Jane x

  17. Such unusual and unique cards, all wonderful.
    Sandra (Docrafts leapblogger).