Sunday, 17 April 2011

Children of the night....

Be quiet!  This is a quote from my favourite Vampire film: Love at first bite.  I liked it because the vampires weren't scary.  But there's always been something strangely attractive about vampires I think......oooh anyway, the reason for the vampires is that I went to Whitby yesterday.  It's only 1 hour 15 mins from us and just a nice distance for a day out.  But like a vampire can sniff out blood, I can sniff out a craft shop at 500yards.  I am talking about Daisy crafts, which is wall to wall goodies.  You need to call in if you are in Whitby.  I got some bargains, totted it up and it was £36 worth for £11.75.  I got Wild Asparagus paper and the stamp set, 2 lots of Laura Ashley paper packs (including velvet paper) and some Smirk paper to go with stamps I bought and haven't really used. I also bought a few little ornamental goodies.

I got a new Russian doll to add to the girls on my mantle piece(for another post), a hand made heart and some letter blocks which are distressed and have some fine script stamped on them too.  I put them on my little table only to keep finding them changed.  OH thinks it's so funny! NOT

It is now my quest to find some blocks which spell PRAT.
As an aside, have any of you seen the blog called It's al a fiddle fart?Please take a look at it, it has some amazing ideas for crafters who want to do a few things other than cards.  The lady who makes these is so talented and the blog is such a good read.  Anyway, she picked up on the American blog whose owner has started this project where she fills a jar and decorates it and leaves it somewhere for someone to find.  It's like a RAK really. I think it's such a lovely idea, so I had a go yesterday.  On Fri evening I filled my jar with a Yankee candle tea light, a hand creme sample, a butterfly badge, a smal flower soap, a poem by PB Shelley and some butterfly confetti.  I added a bow and ribbon and a gift tag and left it on a wall in Whitby, yesterday.  I hope it makes someone smile.
Looking forward to the Easter break, nice short week next week, so time for crafting, friends and fresh air.
Catcha later.


  1. What a lovely idea leaving a jar of little gifts for someone to find, I'm sure whoever found it must have been grinning from ear to ear, I know I would have been! Might have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing such a nice idea.
    Hugs Jacqui xxxxx

  2. Love the jar idea. I'm leaving my glorious Island in a few weeks and I'm thinking I might leave some jars in the area before we go.......

    Oh, and I love your letters, sadly I had the same idea as your hubbie lol.

  3. fab new goodies and i have seen it re the jars on the blog,great idea,wonder what the reaction is of the person who found your lovely jar,x