Friday, 18 March 2011

My sister's keeper

Have you seen that damn film.  I watched it tonight ,and cried until I gave myself a headache and my eyes are really scary.  If you haven't seen it, do NOT watch it.  I had a good day until then.  I came first in the Polka Doodles week 9 challenge.  I''m so chuffed and will see all their new goodies at Harrogate tomorrow.
Anyway back to that film:  it's about family relationships when the eldest child gets cancer.  It's Hollywooded up but still quite sensitively done.  But it did make me think about memories and how comforting they can be and I have decided to make my glitter globes (from Home bargains) into memory globes for the fair in July (in aid of Macmillan) The glittery stuff will be fond memories of loved ones.  It might be a bit soft but then again it might just capture someones imagination. I've been doing a few bits and pieces including notebooks, post it note holders and I've bought a cheap wooden heart to try and alter: so will definitely be visiting the Art from the Heart stall tomorrow. I've done a few cards and bought some union jack wrapping paper to decorate the table, and this is still 3 months away.
I did these for the Do crafts fundraiser for Cancer research, so need to find out my local shop.  It's amazing how much they raise and it costs mnimal funds to do just a few.  So go on have a go!
I am going to find something funny to watch on TV now and see if I have some cucumber in the fridge to soothe my red eyes.

Catcha later

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  1. Oh no I darent watch sad films otherwise my poor bf would need scuba gear! I cried my eyes out last night watching a report on Comic Relief!!
    Love those cards you've done for Cancer Research, really love the sweet little birdcages. I'm hoping to donate some cards to the Heart Foundation as my Dad died suddenly from a heart attack 3 years next month. Hope you found some cucumber lol.
    Hugs Jacqui xxxxx