Friday, 11 February 2011

What a challenge

I found this challenge by chance last night when browsing a few lovely inspirational blogs.  It's just new and is based around a keeping it simple approach which is the exact opposite of my pile it all on tendency.  I thought I'd give it a go, and another and another after ripping everything up.  It's sooo difficult, and I realised why.  I focused too much on what I perceived as limitations... but actually they aren't limitations, it's a much more liberating process, and this is confirmed by the amazing range of creations in the entry section.  I enjoyed being disciplined and focusing on my elements a lot more and how a card is structured.  It's a blog I'll have to follow and I know I'll find it inspirational.  I did come to it late, so next time will ensure I add some comments to my fellow crafters blogs as well as just looking.
This is just such a wonderful idea for a challenge and the comments from the founders appear to be really constructive, and that's great.
It's made using Heidi Grace flourish stamps, a Little Claire Die cut petals and centre from on old French play book (my old uni stuff comes in handy, poor old Racine!!!!) and a gem.  I added a few teeny peel offs to make it a Get well card. Easy? Not!
Catcha later


  1. What a wonderful post... I appreciate the kind remarks you have made about our new venture. You have taken our words in the spirit in which they were written, for which we thank you.
    This lovely card is what I hope will be the first of many.. it will be interesting to see where the genre takes you!
    Do come back next week.
    "Less is More"

  2. Hiya Kathryn is it the less is more blog I had a go at this style card as I'm like you don't know when to stop lol and found it very tricky to curb my instinct to add more but it was very theraputic and I will def be making more of them and I love your take on it too
    Jacki xx

  3. I found that blog today too - not my usual style either - I love what you've done with this

  4. Aww bless ya! Love your card, the swirls look great
    Thanks for your kind comments
    Really hope we have inspired you yo return!

    "Less is More"

  5. This is just soooo sweet! I love the image, your choice of papers
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs Claudia x

  6. Love the card. I'll have to dig out my old college books and put them to good use as embellishments. Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. This is stunning! The new 'Less is More' Blog is Fab isn't it! It really changes our perception of what we think we SHOULD do.

    I love your flower - I wish I had an old French Play I could stamp on - my library only consists of Criminal Justice stuff and that wouldn't look to good on a card ;)

    Carol x